WORLDSHAKING offers a mobile app framework that is ready to use within days. The framework is the best way for companies to release an app without the effort of programming and high costs. That is the reason why it is the only afforable way to create an app for the iOS and the Android market. WORLDSHAKING is a flexible framework that offers many opportunities for the companies. If a feature is missing it can be included within a short period of time.

Grizzly New Technologies GmbH offers the best technical solution for iOS and Android without big investments. There are no technical risks because the app will be updated regularly. With the integrated technical solutions content parts can be generated automatically and services like vouchers can be integrated easily. It is the perfect solution for niche markets as well as for “traditional” app solutions.

The features

  • Technical: regular and automatic updates for iOs and Android
  • Legal: the regular updates ensure compliance with legal regulations at all times
  • Financial: low startup costs, small monthly fee
  • Time: content collectors reduce the time needed to keep the app up to date and interesting

An innovative and exciting approach which is definitly unique. In any case it was an unforgetable pitchsession that aroused interest and curiosity.

Stefan Mayr
CEO, Grizzly New Technologies