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95% of all car journeys in Austria are under 50 km and 25% of all daily journeys are less than 2 km. This and many other factors have led to car sharing becoming more and more relevant. For companies in particular, car sharing has many advantages, though it can also be quite complex in terms of billing, availability or in cases where the vehicle becomes damaged. The mobility manager takes on these complex issues and solves them.

Get going the easy way with the mobility manager

The mobility manager consists of software which allows you to book a vehicle, an on-board telemetry system in the vehicle and a mobility card for unlocking the vehicle. The telemetry system can be integrated into almost any vehicle. This means that it is possible to have a fleet that includes vehicles that run on fossil fuels as well as vehicles that use alternative energy. The mobility manager offers a number of advantages for both administrators and users.

This gives the administrator a backend tool, which automatically charges trips. In addition to numerous other benefits, the mobility manager includes an audit-proof journey logbook and a location-independent vehicle management tool which can be used at any time. It’s also simple and intuitive for users to operate. Users can book the vehicle at any time online or using the app and get anytime, keyless access to the vehicle using a card which only needs to be set up once.


  • Keyless-go vehicle equipment

  • The desired vehicle can be booked for the preferred period using the booking tool

  • Availability is displayed in real-time

  • Charge level, range, tank filling, etc. can be checked at any time

  • The booked vehicle is unlocked and loaded via RFID mobility card

  • Full vehicle fleet transparency