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Our client in the ‘Customer Insight Schladming’ project was both the tourist office of the city of Schladming as well as the tourism association of
the Schladming-Dachstein region. Together, we worked out the details of the project over a period of several months and shed light on all possible levels
in various workshops.

The clients’ objective is, of course, to ensure that guests have a memorable stay and are satisfied in every way. For this reason, it is essential to know and
map the ‘customer journey’.


The ‘Customer Insights Schladming’ project is part of a project funded by the tourist regions of Lech-Zürs and Schladming.  With NEXT we won the contract to manage the project for the Schladming region.

Specific tasks

  • Consolidate anonymous guest data at a regional level

  • Create successful and well-founded stratgies for the future of tourism in the region

  • Analyse the entire tourism service chain

  • Create anonymous guest profiles which depict the entire ‘customer journey’


Based on the scalable data, regions gain new options for control and provide the starting point for setting up a recommendation system.


NEXT won the contract for the ‘Customer Insight Schladming’ project, and thus took on the role of project management and coordination. Consolidating the interests of all regional stakeholders and ensuring that their interests were safeguarded at every stage were key elements of the project.

The Know-Center in Graz was brought on board for the operative implementation.

The Know-Center Graz was founded in 2000 and is Austria’s leading research centre for data-driven business. It develops information and communication
technologies for the economy.

The Know-Center’s ability to generate real entrepreneurial value from unstructured data is crucial to the success of the ‘Customer Insights Schladming’ project.
For this reason, large amounts of data must be obtained from relevant sources, interpreted and utilised.

The Know-Center pursues a ‘cognitive computing approach’ that combines the strengths of humans and machines (software). Excellent technology for data-driven
business is, of course, essential though it is still always only part of a larger whole. Companies depend not only on the people who implement this technology
but those who creatively adapt it and critically question it.

While NEXT’s task was clearly defined as project management and conception, the Know-Center took over the operative part. A major initial part of such a
project is always to analyse existing data. Based on this, various profiles were created and a recommendation system was programmed.

This makes it not only possible to identify the customer journey but also to subsequently optimise it and then enhance the value for customers or, in the
case of the ‘Customer Insight Schladming’ project, for guests.

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Mathias Schattleitner

Managing Director SCHLADMING-DACHSTEIN Tourismusmarketing GmbH

We are working closely together with the NEXT on the ‘Customer Insight Schladming’ project. It has already given us some insight into our guests and we look forward to the finished product.

Hansjörg Stocker

Managing Director of  Tourismusverband Schladming

Nowadays, impressing guests with a fantastic landscape, perfect infrastructure and excellent offers is not enough. With this project we are actively responding to the wishes and needs of our customers and are offering tourism at the highest level.

Matthias Traub

Deputy Area Head Know-Center Graz

In the Know-Center we develop digitisation systems together with our business partners based on the latest technological and scientific trends. As part of our ‘Customer Insights Schladming’ project, we are developing a data-driven recommendation system that tailors offers to different user groups.