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Product development
Innovation: COMING SOON

We aim to inject a sense of realismk into all our projects and activities.

‘Execution Excellence’ not ‘Startup Halligalli’.

Achieving this goal calls for a variety of competencies and a broad range of expertise. That is why we have created a broadly diversified network in order to achieve our ambitious goals together with our partners as one team.
We work with network partners with the primary aim to exchange ideas and to mutually benefit.


We believe in a strong network


Cooperation with Silicon Valley

Next-Incubator has entered into a cooperation agreement with Silicon Valley-based Plug and Play Tech Center. This means that contacts can be established with projects from all over the world, and Styrian company founders get the chance to soak up some Silicon Valley start-up air.

Plug and Play is regarded as the world’s largest start-up platform whose success stories include such companies as Dropbox and PayPal. In total, they have sniffed out some 2,000 ideas for companies, set them up and financed them. Now the US company is looking to focus on energy, which means a cooperation with Next-Incubator is of course ideal.

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Every topic needs its own expert

There are numerous service providers available to us at the incubator and in the product development process. In addition to legal expertise, we also seek in-depth financial expertise, business coaching and many other services as needed.