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Product Development
Innovation: COMING SOON

We love what we do and this motivates us every day to keep an open mind and explore new horizons. Our goal both for NEXT-Incubator and for the startups who work with us, is to be challenged and inspired every day.

NEXT-Incubator is the innovation platform of Energie-Steiermark which also offers its in-house innovation services to external third parties. With a strong network in the international startup and innovation community behind us, we are a reliable partner for both in-house and external customers for:

  • startup and incubator services

  • business development

  • product development

  • long-term project management

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Co-creation not lecturing!

Working with NEXT-Incubator means serious business and execution excellence. Companies, startups and public institutions who want to advance their innovative ideas and work together with us on ambitious goals are always welcome to contact us. The NEXT-Incubator team provides structure and brings with it a whole rucksack of qualifications and motivation. There are no limits on what we’re interested in.

Our motto is: “ideas: it has to be done”. This is especially when the opportunity presents itself!

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We believe in strong networks

Nobody knows everything, and that’s why we have created a strong network of cooperation partners and service providers that we can use to provide an all-round service package.

Partnes include: