Because we care

Scouting / the selection of the right projects is always important for everyone as it determines success. With our vision of making a positive impact in the field of sustainability and climate.

We are actively looking for solutions and technologies in the fields of

  • renewable energy

  • energy efficiency

  • mobility

  • business excellence

  • digitalisation

  • sustainability

Our Criteria

A prerequisite is the strategic fit and a maximally large positive impact for every project / every solution. Sustainable change is a process and a new set of criteria is a building block on the way. Our evaluation criteria are the fields of  ecology, economy and social.


  • Business model
  • Economic potential
  • Profit chance (also short term)


  • Resource use and origin of the solution/technology
  • Circular economy
  • Emission


  • Fair production
  • Social empowerment and energy empowerment
  • Fördert open knowledge

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