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Advance through knowledge

Innovation Management is responsible for Group-wide R&D coordination and manages the R&D portfolio. It also takes care of project management in the context of selected topics and cross-divisional research questions.

The current centrepiece in the area of the ‘showcase region energy’ is the leading role in the Green Energy Lab research initiative, the largest innovation laboratory for green energy technologies!

Our R&D projects in the category of ‘experimental development’ are carried out in cooperation with research institutions, universities and technology providers in consortia. For us, R&D is the preliminary stage to product development with the aim of transferring new knowledge into the organisation and thus bringing solutions to the market.

Selected R&D Projects

2nd Life Batteries

2nd Life Batteries

System for using used batteries from e-vehicles as stationary energy storage (2018-2021)


The lead project for the development of the district heating network of tomorrow (2018-2022)

greenLAB Graz

Green ‘city oasis’ innovation laboratory for greening buildings

Energieraumplanung 2

Allocation of energy potentials (consumption, generation) in GIS (plot level)


Objectives: bidirectional charging, sector coupling (electricity, mobility), private use and business use in a systemic approach.


The customer interface of the smart meter as an enabler for new services

Flex Modul

Further development and demonstration of a scalable heat storage technology based on sorption technology.

Energiezelle Johann

Further development and demonstration of an energy storage system based on H2 technology.

Micro Grid

Development of a regulation for the energy supply of districts.

Selected R&D Partners

Mathias Schaffer

Head of R&D

Joanneum Research

Green Tech Cluster

Green Energy Lab

TU Graz

Universität Graz

Montanuniversität Leoben

FH Joanneum

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