Idea Management

Because we care

What would Greta do?

Are you looking to lead your own business into a sustainable future?

Would you like to actively shape your own company as an employee?

If the answer is yes, idea management is an ideal breeding ground for ideas and green innovation. Whether you are improving internal processes or develop new products, idea management allows you to spread your roots to secure access to the natural “energy source” that are employees to make a sustainable world a reality in the future – together!

Our Offer!

With our idea management, we provide targeted impulses to sensitise employees to the topic of sustainability and to spin ideas in order to not only think about sustainability, but to implement it!


Plants need light and water to grow. Our creativity needs impulses to grow. With different formats, we provide our “employees” with energy to sow new ideas.


Active participation in idea management creates networks between idea creators, internal experts and external partners.


Having a problem and developing a matching solution is just the beginning. Communicating my idea to colleagues in an understandable way is another important part. In the various growth phases of an idea, we provide our idea generators with the appropriate tools to make their ideas and their own skills blossom.


The idea management platform is the central meeting zone for idea providers, evaluators and employees. Submit new ideas or be inspired by solutions already submitted, there is plenty of content to talk about.

Sustainable Company

Using our impulses created in idea management we motivate staff in a targeted manner to embody a Continuous Sustainability Process (CSP) and always ask themselves: “How can I become more and more sustainable?”

Georg Nistl

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