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We constantly monitor existing and planned funding opportunities (including EU, federal, state, organisations, funds), actively process these and act as a central information hub within Energie Steiermark. A key objective is to participate in (cooperative) funding initiatives and acquire funding to implement our R&D, qualification and investment projects in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency more innovatively and quickly.

Our Activities

Monitoring & Scouting

Ongoing exploration of the funding landscape & identification of relevant funding paths as well as individual funding screenings for individual projects.

Project Support

Needs-oriented consulting and situational support in all project stages.

Information Hub

Performance increase through continuous improvement of the funding process, linking with best-practice companies in the economy & creation of a database-based in-house funding portal.

The European Union is currently negotiating its Multiannual Financial Framework. It determines how much of its overall budget will be dedicated to what policy area from 2021 to 2027. In the course of this determination, political priorities for action are defined, and funding programmes are set up to achieve them.

The current funding management priorities of Energie Steiermark in 2020 are based on these and include, among others:

Green Deal

The European „Green Deal“ as a way to a carbon-neutral economy in 2050

Innovation Fund

EU-Funding Programme for innovative demonstration projects

Just Transition Fund

Funding mechanism for structural change

Horizon Europe

EU-Funding Programme for research and innovation

Next Generation EU

Recovery Plan to support the economic restart

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