Because we care

Events are fun!

And we really like to celebrate. Be it to take part in events ourselves or staging them. You always think about what you want to tell and how you can present yourself in the best light. Rarely do you meet so many customers, partners (and those who may yet become partners), competitors and rivals in the same place.

It goes without saying that the visuals are first class! Giveaways, catering, advertising materials and much more are planned and styled through.

Our Commitment

Sustainable change is not always a swift process. Sometimes it’s the small steps that have the greatest impact. We have decided to make every event we participate in or stage ourselves as green as possible. This starts with the decision of whether the event fits our vision and ends with selecting the right partners required for organising it.


Our delicious catering is usually vegetarian, organic and sourced from small, preferably regional suppliers.

Procurement & Waste

If possible, we purchase products LOCALLY. We refrain from using single-use plastics, make sure that everything is recyclable and avoid waste.


Diversity in all its aspects is highly important to us and we deliberately select partners that advocate this mindset.

Mobility & Accommodation

Public & environmentally friendly means of transport are ALWAYS preferred. When it comes to our own mobility and even when we invite parties to visit us.


We bid farewell to stacks of handouts, flyers etc. that – let’s be honest – always end up in the waste basket anyway!

Christa Kloibhofer-Krampl

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