This is  SOLVED

SOLVED is an on-demand, sustainability advisory service with a digital co-creation platform. SOLVED enables cities, companies & public/international organisations to work with multi-disciplinary experts on a scalable tech platform.

Sustainability challenges are complex, and they need systemic, holistic solutions with a broad range of specialized knowledge.
Traditional service providers and consulting companies with conventional ways of working lack transparency and are unable to provide access to the best global expertise on-demand and cost-efficiently. In a freelancer economy, the best talent works in ecosystems, not for a single employer.

Advantages for companies

  • Custom platforms are provided for companies and organisations with large networks.
  • Expert Matching Algorithm (EMA) ensures a fast and trustworthy way to identify and engage with the right team members and experts for your challenge.
  • Customers can buy services from experts, when needed.
  • Smart bidding processes, online contracts and payments make the process cost-effective and transparent.

Next-incubator´s style to boost companies to succeed is exciting and unique. Their engaging and cross-discplinary approach, coupled with strong commitment to build scalable business is excellent match to SOLVED. We look forward to the future collaboration.

Santtu Hulkkonen
CEO & President, SOLVED