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Noisless Acoustics

‘We make sound visible’.

Noiseless Accoustics is a Finish company that has brought an innovative acoustic camera to market. The company’s enigmatic slogan ‘we make sound visible‘ promises to visualise sound even when it’s inaudible.

The camera is used to detect partial discharge, allowing for easier and simpler problem detection. For this purpose, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse sound and visualise it on the camera as well as, in a digital manner, on the computer. The NL camera uses 124 microphones to create a highly accurate acoustic image in the desired direction. This acoustic image is migrated via a digital camera screen in real time, which allows the user to see from what directions sound hits the camera. Using a cloud service, interesting sound sources can then be separated and stored for more detailed analysis and problem classification – a useful tool improving clarity.

Karin Pirolt



Wurde in den Dauerbetrieb der Energie Steiermark übernommen.

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