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The natural fine dust filter

Berlin-based company Green City Solutions wants to provide people with clean air and thus better health and higher quality of life at highly polluted places. The company’s first product to achieve this goal is its CityTree Biotech filter.

CityTree is an air filter based on the idea of combining nature with digital technology. It uses the natural ability of live moss to bind fine dust and thus improve air quality. The interplay of sensors, intelligent ventilation, irrigation and software makes this natural cleaning performance usable and measurable.

CityTree is a combination between urban furniture and organic filter – it consists of a bench underneath and a surface covered in moss on top. Located on the inside is complex technology with an IoT interface. This opens up further applications in areas such as Smart City, (e-mobility) infrastructure and communication.

Gernot Schröck





Impressions from the construction on the grounds of the Universität Graz

On April 16, 2021 the Citytree was set up on the university railing between the newly designed university library and the Faculty of Law. The Citytree will stand there for half a year and in the course of the pilot project you will be able to measure air quality, humidity and a lot more.

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