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Plug and Play: High quality network

We have forged a partnership with Silicon Valley-based Plug and Play, which takes us to the root of all startup incubators and investors. After all, Plug and Play was responsible for the foundation of Dropbox and PayPal, among others.
Along with our parent company Energie Steiermark, we are the sole partner in the field of energy in Austria and the up-and-coming Plug and Play site in Berlin.

Who is Plug and Play?

Since its foundation 12 years ago, Plug and Play has succeeded in becoming the largest innovation platform with currently 22 active locations worldwide. Plug and Play makes around 160 investments per year, which reflects the company’s enormous speed and flexibility.

This is in line with the mission statement of Plug and Play:  ‘To make innovation open to anyone, anywhere’

The 3 pillars of Plug and Play

Accelorator Programm

Corporate Innovation


Start-ups and companies are brought together in programmes thematically tailored to the needs of industry in a way that maximises the benefits for both.

Selected company units and departments are helped to identify entrepreneurial challenges and connect them with startups and relevant solutions.

Every year, Plug and Play itself invests in more than 250 startups of all sizes and all stages of development.

Innovation & Incubation

 The aim of the cooperation with Plug and Play is to bring innovation to Energie Steiermark. The focus within this cooperation is on:

  • the initiation of business models through new technologies and cooperations
  • the expansion of the corporate mindset through international cooperations
  • internal development by strengthening business excellence
  • maintaining the topic leadership in the energy sector in Austria

To achieve these goals NEXT launched the e-Selectionday. An information event to present ideas in front of the management board of Energie Steiermark.


Implementation of innovations

More about Plug and Play

Through this partnership, we guarantee a close cooperation and ongoing exchange between Plug and Play and Energie Steiermark with NEXT-Incubator. In addition to participating in the general summits of Plug and Play, we are also planning a number of our own calls (so-called private deal flows) on a variety of topics in the field of energy.

The main goal and desired output are:

  • Digital Usecases

  • Pilot projects

  • Potential business relationships

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