This is LAWIF

LAWIF is a location-based service platform that is based on user-generated recommendations. The platform will work in every city and focus on
local stores and restaurants as well as international chains. It rewards users with points for their posts. These points can be converted into
real goods and experiences in local stores. LAWIF thus makes the city, its companies and restaurants more visible. It allows you to discover your own city,
and if you are just visiting, you can get to know a city away from the main tourist spots.

One of the special features of LAWIF is the sorting of content based on your location. People in the city discover shops, cool products or a delicious meal,
take a picture of their “treasure” and share the photo on LAWIF. The more people like the posted content the more points they get. And these points can be
redeemed with LAWIF partners.

Next steps

In addition to the technical feature that sorts posts on LAWIF based on your location, the app also has a self-learning algorithm for B2B sales.
This algorithm enables cross-selling and bottom-up marketing, especially for small companies without a big marketing budget.
The new version of the app will offer companies smart ads as well as business profiles with special features.


For the last two years in the startup szene topics and contents have been repeated. Target group, USP or scalability – all the workshops and pitches led to the same results: the developement of the startup stagnates and operational blindness occurs.
The NEXT-Incubator bootcamp offered a totally new and creative way to answer questions. We have been pleasantly surprised and our way of thinking had been enriched. The possibility to be part of this structure and to get coached by experts, who are willing to think new ways is an added value we want to recommend every startup.

Matea Acimovic
CEO & Founder, LAWIF