E-Selectionday 2019-05-06T13:28:07+00:00


Energie Steiermark and NEXT Incubator have gone into partnership with Plug and Play, the worldwide startup platform. And the #eSelectionday was created in order to get the best results from this partnership, and to embed results within the Group.

The groundwork for this event is being laid by the NEXT Incubator team together with Plug and Play. They are searching for startups and solutions both in Silicon Valley and Berlin that would be a good fit for Energie Steiermark. NEXT Incubator will undertake preliminary vetting for feasibility, benefit etc., and select around 30 startups from more than 100. The final stage of the selection process will be pitches and one-to-one discussions, with the aim of identifying the best solutions.

So 10 startups will eventually be chosen from more than 100 to present their solutions to the Energie Steiermark Management Board by video conference at the #eSelectionday. Board members will decide which of the solutions presented they are interested in. After that, things will move quickly. The decision about whether and how to work further with the startups will be made within 2 weeks.



The aim of international collaboration – both with Plug and Play in the USA and Berlin, and with startups from the various countries – is to broaden the Group’s mindset.


New technologies will then be brought into the Group with the aim of piloting them in the different business divisions of Energie Steiermark.


The goal is for Energie Steiermark to continue to play a leading role in the energy sector in Austria. To this end, it is necessary for the Group to strengthen its Business Excellence and keep its finger on the pulse in terms of innovation.