This is INGA

INGA is a chatbot candidates become aware of through Facebook and Instagram advertising. INGA conducts short interviews with potential applicants via Messenger. Within only three minutes the talent knows whether the position sounds interesting and can send a short application via chat.The INGA application process is therefore faster than ordering food from a fast food restaurant.

Nowadays candidates do no longer respond to classic recruitment channels. They want to feel valued during the recruiting process and care about maximizing their own emotional value. So INGA offers a fully automated, self-learning, pro-active sourcing and recruiting solution for the 21st century.

Solutions for companies

Nowadays companies struggle to find new and talented employees. The “good old” channels and tools are expensive, time intense and very often ineffective.
Especially “blue collar” candidates are very difficult to contact. INGA is a social recruiting chatbot that addresses potential candidates via social media channels.
It inspires talents and collects short applications – fully automatically, efficiently and with high quality.


The team of the NEXT-Incubator and their style of working is exceptionel. It is fun, authentic and challenging in a good way.

Kim Körber 
Co-Founder & Business Developement, INGA