This is IDJACK

idJack is an online software package which gives business customers (clubs, event organisers, gyms etc.) admission control for its customers (guests, club members, visitors etc. –). In the background, customers are managed, all kinds of extensive analyses are performed, customer retention activities such as newsletters, text message ads and promotions are carried out and the entire software is controlled.

New members first register in the idJack smartphone app (iOS, Android) by entering their personal details, email address and mobile phone number, after which they receive their personal idJack QR code. This encrypted QR code now identifies the idJack member.
From now on, all members have to do is scan their personal QR code (which works worldwide). There is no need to register at a terminal again, and the photo ID is already stored in the system. Business customers can easily add registered idJack members to their customer base with their consent.


Benefit for  idJack members

  • Data privacy

  • Free idJack account

  • Just one registration process worldwide

  • No need to show ID with existing account

  • Fast access to a venue via scan

  • No possibility of theft, brawls, sexual harassment

  • Customer cards/customer groups (VIP, guest list, fast-lane, staff etc.)

  • Information about new events (newsletter)

  • Personalised cloakroom

Benefit for  idJack business customers

  • Collection of real data

  • Prevention/reduction of security-related incidents

  • Customers feel more comfortable and safer

  • Temporary/permanent bans (individuals can be banned from premises)

  • The business customer issues the ban, not the staff

  • Extensive analyses

  • If the hardware is stolen, data are not lost

  • Marketing activities can be precisely targeted

  • Low hardware costs

  • Customer cards/customer groups (VIP, guest list, fast-lane, staff etc.)

  • Personalised cloakroom