This is  GENII

GENII is an innovative generator of pulses emitted to the body based on the earth’s natural magnetic field. It is based on the Schumann frequency, which is already being successfully used in astronautics to ensure the health of astronauts. The Schumann resonance – and thus GENII – has a scientifically proven positive effect on melatonin production, mood and performance, hippocampus activation and the immune system in general.

Radiation of any kind – electrosmog, mobile phones, WiFi etc. – have a negative impact on the human body. Wearing the GENII can counteract such effects and the user becomes more resistant to various environmental influences. GENII comes shipped with three programmes. The ACTIVE programme is designed for times of increased activity, the SLEEP programme helps improve sleep quality and the BASIS programme makes everyday life more stable.

Further development steps

In a first step, GENII was developed as a wristband made from top quality materials and more than meets modern standards of design.
Subsequently, the technology was integrated into a wooden case. This allows the customer to wear the GENII as a clip or as a necklace.
In a next step GENII will be available with SLEEP programmes only, because they have such a positive impact on sleep quality. GENII can then be conveniently worn at night similar to a sweatband, and it will have three programmes which were all developed for sleep problems.