Bootcamp ‘Customer care center of the future’ February 2019 2019-04-15T12:12:35+00:00

BOOTCAMP ‘Customer Care centre of the Future’


Our last Startup call was dedicated to ‘Customer Care’. We’ve been searching solutions that integrate all current and future communications channels. It should give an easy overview to our service agents about the most important infirmations, documents and existing history with customers. Ordering customer of this call was Energie Steiermark and they came with a challenging goal: Increasing the quality of service  with decreasing costs at the same time!

Many Startups and companies applied. The key requirement was that they offer a solution that is already available on the market to start a pilot project as soon as possible. 6 Startups and companies have been identified in advance and invited to the bootcamp in Graz.

The procedure of this day was a combination of pitches in front of the whole auditorium together with one-on-one sessions with each member of the jury. The jury consisted of experts of the ‘Energie Steiermark Service GmbH’, the ‘Energie Steiermark Kunden GmbH’ and the Head of IT. Internal interests where also covered as well as customers needs.

At the end of the day each Startup and company got the chance to present a possible pilot project.

The jury already did a first assessment right after the bootcamp which will be confirmed over the next day. Workshops with the most promising Startups and companies will be held soo afterwards.


Participants of the bootcamp came from Germany, Italy, Denmark and Austria. Not only their country of origin is very different but also the solutions they braught with them.

Thomas Wiedner & Hannes Zeichen



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