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What happens when you put Super Angel Hansi Hansmann and the Vice President of AVL List GmbH on a podium together? We’d say you get a really inspiring discussion about the run on startups with lots of insights into the daily working life of the participants. Hansi Hansmann, investor in pioneering startups such as Runtastic, and Markus Tomaschitz, Vice President Human Resources at AVL, answered questions such as, “Are startups being over‑hyped in Austria?”, “Why are there so few women in technical roles?” and “How far is innovation possible in corporate groups?” The discussion was moderated by Stefan Stücklschweiger, co‑founder of the Fifteen Seconds festival and who knew how to ask the right questions at just the right time.

Welcoming attendees, Dietmar Mauschitz, Managing Director of NEXT, likened the company’s collaboration with the Austrian Angel Investors Association (aaia) to a marriage. The first flush of love is followed by relentless work, which at the end of the day results (hopefully) in a long‑term partnership.  Finding success together will be the theme of many future events. NEXT agreed a collaboration with Lisa Fassl and the aaia – which should generate many more exciting ventures.


Dietmar Mauschitz

Our aim with the Next‑Incubator is to inspire people and businesses to think in terms of new business models. We set no limits here; in fact, we’ll consider anything for investment. That is to say, anything that makes sense and is based on values that we share.

Hansi Hansmann

Startups are not being over‑hyped in Austria. It’s more of a gentle breeze. Innovation often arises where something is in crisis and a system is breaking down. But that’s not the case here. Our innovative energy is low because we’re saturated.

Markus Tomaschitz

There’s no point in us behaving like a dodgy talent show and simply copying the best ideas and approaches from Silicon Valley. We need our own identity, both here in Austria and in our big corporate groups.



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