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BOOTCAMP 4th &  5th June 2018

Our last Next-Incubator call received more than 100 applications. The 8 best startups from the multi-stage application process took part in the completely  new 2-day “Bootcamp: spirit-added”. Sounds spiritual – that’s because it is. Yes, it’s exactly what it says on the tin and more!

What is a Next-Incubator Bootcamp: spirit-added all about? Formula and content are easy enough to explain. It is basically always about the four criteria “team – market – business model & scalability – vision”.

This is based on the following programme:

  1. The basics: We analyse the business models based on the classic Lean Canvas. The Next-Incubator crew and the startups discuss the building blocks,
    opportunities and challenges of the Canvas business model. This is done during a classic pitch session (4 min. pitch, 4 min. Q&A) at the start and
    subsequently during 1-on-1 working sessions which are attended by a Next-Incubator member and the startup.
  2. The decision of the Gatekeepers: sounds dramatic – that’s because it is. The decision about which teams would be invited to the 2-hour „Canvas: spirit-added“sessions was made after only half a day. Of the initial 8 teams, the 5 that are the best fit for us were allocated to the sessions.
    Unfortunately, we had to send 3 of the teams home.
  3. The “Canvas: spirit-added” sessions: with our approach, a visual dimension (a guided and visually represented imaginary journey to the core of the business idea) and an ethereal dimension (energetic impulses based on the startup teams’ stories and discussions during the visualisation session) are added to the 4 criteria of  “team – market – business model & scalability – vision” and the classic Lean Canvas model.

To decide which startup teams to accept into the Next-Incubator, we place these 3 dimensions (classic business model, visualisation of the unconscious, ethereal view) on top of our 4 criteria. This results in a multi-dimensional view of the 4 business model criteria, which also helps the startup teams to become consciously aware of a few things. This intense and comprehensive way of looking at things provides the startups with additional tools and insights for scaling their startup. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? The acting individuals make it even more specific, and thus all the more fantastic.


Martina Hölzl (Next-Incubator): meditative guidance through the journey into the unconscious with the startup teams

Reinhard Gussmagg (B4B innovation lab): the extended arm of the startup teams, which draws the described images in real time and creates a fantastic visualisation for the startup teams.

Josef Oblasser (business and energetics coach):By accepting ethereal impulses, open questions about the business idea are interpreted in an energetic way and passed on to the team as food for thought.

Dietmar Mauschitz, Thomas Wiedner, Hannes Zeichen (Next-Incubator): The management team of Next-Incubator is there throughout the boot camp programme; they link the insights from the different sessions and dimensions with each other
and provide the startups with personal, honest and unembellished feedback.

Martina Hölzl
Reinhard Gussmagg
Josef Oblasser
Dietmar Mauschitz
Thomas Wiedner & Hannes Zeichen


The aim is to show the startups that we not only offer good investment prospects, but that we are genuinely willing to work together on the most crucial and
success-critical points of the startup vision. To do this, we explore novel horizons and are bold enough to openly communicate this.

We are not interested to deliver a meaningless show for the startups or make pie-in-the-sky promises. For us, it’s about serious business, friction and pointing
out sensitive issues. Because only through friction is it possible to release energy, which is then pooled in the right places in order to create great things.  We are about serious business and execution excellence, not Startup Halligalli or Bullshit Bingo.

Kim Köber

The team and and the approach of Next-Incubator are unique! It’s fun, everything is authentic and yet pleasantly challenging. We are extremely excited about what we can achieve together with such a stunning concept.

Kim Köber, Co-Founder & Business Development INGA



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