This is CAR2AD

CAR2AD enables new digital business models in the public sphere, such as co-financed or even free urban e-car sharing.

With CAR2AD, poster advertising is genuinely digital and therefore more effective and specifically tailored to the target group. The software and hardware turn fleet vehicles into mobile and digital advertising spaces. To do this, double-sided displays, or boards, are placed on car roofs, with the content coming from the software. This allows regional customers to show their advertising in the right places and at the tight time – the most effective way to reach their target group. Car-sharing providers can reduce their costs and pass on attractive offers to their customers. Traffic information can also be displayed in real time with CAR2AD, which enables the intelligent use of transport in the city. The boards charge themselves up as soon as the vehicle starts up.

Description of the pilot project

As part of the six-month partnership project between Next-Incubator and CAR2AD, a scalable business logic was jointly developed for the use of mobile digital advertising in the public sphere in cities from 200,000 inhabitants; this business logic is based on the existing CAR2AD software and hardware solution. Special attention was paid to the following content:

  • Market and competitor analysis with particular reference to the conditions in Austria (e.g. advertising value, legal situation, e-car fleets)
  • Specification and validation of selected “use cases” on the basis of customer feedback
  • Optimisation of the software solution and the hardware components
  • Product standardisation and creating a scaling