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In order to provide customers with even more exceptional service across all areas, Energie Steiermark Service GmbH is constantly expanding its portfolio of services. This is a call for a web-based co-browsing solution that will enable us to meet our customer needs even better.

Do you have a product that seems to be the perfect solution? Is it fully developed and capable of being used in real time with immediate effect?


Prerequisites for your application:

Your product must already be on the market and be in use by customers in the energy, telecommunications, business, insurance or banking sectors.

Solutions that are at the prototype stage are not appropriate for this call.


Expected solution benefits:

  • Improved customer experience
    • Customer enquiries about the web are dealt with quickly and simply
    • Browser view can be shared without the need for the customer to install or download any software
    • Reduced fluctuations in the quality of answers/solutions
    • Compliance with data protection requirements
  • Potential for up selling and cross-selling
    • Increased potential for up selling and cross-selling within customer service
  • Reduced demands on resources
    • Reductions in the average length of advice sessions by provision of targeted information in response to customers’ questions about the web.

We expect the solution to have the following features:

  • An application for sharing the browser screen. Supports and increases the efficiency with which customer enquiries can be dealt for customers who are looking at the website when they call.
  • Customers are invited to a joint session by service staff. Once customers have agreed, advice can be provided (same view for customer and service team member).
Do you offer a solution that doesn’t deliver on the above mentioned points but is still very interesting in terms of customer care? We are always curious about the latest technologies so please apply anyway. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Up to 5 finalists will be invited to our bootcamp in April
    • Assessment criteria Costs – start-up and running costs (45%); customer experience and innovation (35%); technical integration into the Energie Steiermark systems landscape (20%); compliance with data protection requirements is essential.
  • Deployment of the solution in a live system as part of a 3-month pilot.
  • If the pilot is successful: deployment of the solution in a range of business divisions by a corporation with 600k customers for a period of 1 year; possibility of extending for a further year
  • Potential service provider relationship and collaboration with Energie Steiermark
  • Advertising via Energie Steiermark and Next-Incubator communications channels.


This call is on behalf of the Energie-Steiermark Service GmbH.

Energie-Steiermark is the 4th biggest energy utility company in Austria with 1.700 employees and approximately 600.000 customers.