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… Startups with ideas that will accompany us and therefore our mother Energie Steiermark into the future. We are focused on topics concerning the core business of producing energy (Producing, Trading, Distribution and Sales). And this of course in terms of sustainability. But we are also interested in Startups that help us develop and improve our internal processes. We get involved in their operational business with entrepreneurial expertise and a strong network. And we are gate keepers when it comes to the possibility to do pilot projects with a strong player in the field of energy. We are the right partner for startups interested in serious business and execution excellence rather than startup ruckus. 

We define what we are looking for together with experts from the company and Startups can apply for this in one of our calls. But of course we are open to your initiative and you can apply at any time. Currently we are working with Startups from the areas of power efficiency, power system planning & optimizing, and maintenance and business excellence. We are also intensively working on IoT, Blockchain and AI technologies. Here is an excerpt from our current portfolio of companies:


When you join NEXT-Incubator you are provided with input on your idea and business model from our experts. And we are very happy with working together with you to improve your product. You can look forward to new perspectives and input – and not just during the selection process. In the end we offer the possibility to implement a pilot project within the Energie Steiermark with the option of a long-term cooperation. Sometimes it evens leads to an investment.

Submitting your application or joining NEXT-Incubator does not constitute an obligation for you. During the first two months both sides will decide whether we work as a team and whether cooperation will be mutually beneficial. The essential thing for us is that you are prepared to work with us and happy to view us as your strategic partner.

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