This is AMI

AMI (Artificial Medical Intelligence) is a voice-operated first aid assistant that uses a chatbot with training mode. The app provides extensive and continuous information and training as well as help in emergencies.
It helps you brush up on your knowledge, trains your first aid skills and provides professional first aid assistance in line with the guidelines; an extension for what to do when a child is involved in an emergency is available as an in-app purchase.
The first aid instructions are accompanied by short videos.


  • Offline availability: once you have downloaded the app, AMI can also be used offline. Which means it can be used in every situation.
  • Example videos: videos demonstrate important basic techniques such as resuscitation, the Heimlich manoeuvre etc.
  • Voice control: AMI uses intelligent voice control to support the first aider in real time. This means that AMI can be operated hands-free.
  • Learning effect: AMI is a learning system

Description of the pilot project

As part of the cooperation agreement, a pilot project was carried out at Energie Steiermark. A selected group of people thoroughly tested the app over a period of 4 weeks. Personal interviews were conducted to gather and analyse people’s experiences with the app.